Coming back from holiday? Cannot fit into your jeans? Well, holidays and bloating are synonymous. The reason why bloating is obvious is because you’re eating a bunch of food. Eating those fancy feasts can create havoc on the digestive system and overwhelm your gastrointestinal tract. However, we at TAF Wellness understand that it is tough to hold back on holidays. Sometimes exercises and lifestyle changes are not sufficient to reduce bloating and such times require other solutions to eliminate it. So besides keeping yourself hydrated and avoiding sugar highs, TAF Wellness, a leading body shaping center in Delhi lists down plenty of non-invasive treatments to eliminate your holiday stomach fat.


CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved non-invasive fat reduction treatment used to freeze fat cells and helps you reduce the stubborn pockets of fat. TAF Wellness offers cool shaping in Delhi reducing fat on your belly and motivates you to stay on course with your healthy diet and exercise combating the holiday stomach bloating.

Body Contouring Treatment:

TAF Wellness offers body contouring treatment with machines such as Trilipo Maximus and Alma Accent Prime. Trilipo Maximus uses a radio frequency-based technology for body contouring giving an immediate reduction and skin tightening for a perfect body shape whereas Alma Accent Prime combines both ultrasound and radio frequency(RF) technologies to destroy fat cells for manual removal or absorption by the body for long-lasting shaping results.

Summer Cool Wrap:

‘Summer Cool Wrap’ offers a cool massage therapy of peppermint essential oil along with a cool mud pack. This cold massage not only helps to get rid of bloating but also helps beat the summer woes.

3 bonus tips to get rid of bloating fast

  • Eat fruits for breakfast and stay without salt until 12 pm
  • Step up your fluid intake include infused water herbal tea and coconut water.
  • Go carb-free for one meal

About TAF Wellness

TAF Wellness is regarded as a leading body shaping center in Delhi. Our approach is holistic and comprehensive for fat reduction. We have customized treatments with zero downtime to effectively get rid of the bloating stomach. Our procedures are painless, safe, and the results are visible from the first session itself. Our results are sure to make you smile.

So if you’re looking for a safe, effective and non-invasive treatment that combats holiday stomach bloating, get in touch with TAF Wellness Center at 98217-85982 to learn more about our popular weight loss and body shaping treatments!