PCOD( Polycystic ovarian disease) is a very common hormonal imbalance prevalent in Adolescent Girls. One of the effects of this condition is weight gain and losing weight becomes a challenge ,but it’s not impossible either. Medical Doctors continuously advise woman suffering from PCOD that they need to lose weight to see an improvement, but very few weight loss centers tell them how to go about it. The traditional weight loss strategies are not effective with PCOD as they do not address the hormonal disorder so make sure your center/doctors chalks out a weight-loss plan customized for you. However, here are a few tips by TAF Wellness offering one of the best weight loss program in Delhi.

1. Measure the portions: Portion distortion is a major factor to weight gain. Measuring the portions ensure that you do not overeat. Practice for a few days to give you a base understanding. The nutrition label on packaged food has the suggested serving size. Make sure to measure out a proper portion using the food scale or measuring cups. Alternatively, you can use your hand as a guide if you’re eating a food without a label.

2. Yoga: Yoga is a staple of most of the holistic weight loss programs for good reasons. It optimizes the everyday functioning of the body and uses all the muscle groups in the body. It does internal corrections for you So we give a thumbs up to Yoga for giving good results in PCOD.

3. Reduce the intake of carbohydrates: The best weight loss programs suggest you to get the maximum carbohydrates from vegetables, fruits and then high fiber whole grains.An average person gets most of the carbohydrates from grain products. Getting carbohydrates from these leads you to a state of being undernourished or overfed. You are getting more than enough calories from breads and cookies, but you’re not getting nearly enough vitamins and minerals. How to eat fewer processed carbohydrates:

Use lettuce instead of flour for wraps.
Replace white rice with quinoa.
Eat fresh fruit for snacking
Use millet (Ragi) pancakes instead of breads

4. Practice mindful eating: Mindful eating is a simple concept: bring attention and focus on eating. It has shown to help overeaters reduce stress and calorie intake. They take special care to notice the hunger cues before, during and after a meal. Here are simple ways to eating mindfully:

Eat from a plate or bowl.
If you have food in the mouth, the hands should be empty. Take a moment to taste, chew and swallow each bite before taking the next.
Try to identify each ingredient in the dish. Focus on the flavor and take note of what spices and ingredients are present in each bite.

5. Get sufficient sleep: Inadequate sleep is a serious health risk and can hinder weight loss efforts. It can affect hormones which control your hunger levels. Studies have suggested that sleeping less at night may increase the expression of genetic risks for obesity. Sleep deprivation reduces the ability of fat cells to respond properly to the hormone insulin.

6. Develop a healthy lifestyle: The most successful way to treat PCOD is through a healthy life. The way you eat, and exercise is the best way to reduce your symptoms. When you are making changes to your lifestyle, avoid short-term fad diets or changes you can’t keep up for long. Set achievable goals that you can manage and build these up over time. Keep a check on your weight and aim for prevention of weight gain or slow, steady, small weight losses.

7. Exercise regularly: Regular exercise helps women with PCOD in innumerable ways, such as helping to improve mood and prevent weight gain, diabetes and cardiac problems. Look for ways to exercise that you enjoy, such as walking with friends, and make it a regular part of your routine.

8. Stay Hydrated: Drinking water and healthy beverages like butter milk, green tea and lemon water has shown to help weight loss: Even mild dehydration signs and symptoms can be confused for hunger, such as fatigue and dizziness. In addition to this, replace your sugar-sweetened beverages to cut out on a huge amount of calories. Choose unsweetened lemon water or infused water as your go-to drink.

9. Join a weight loss program: Exercise is hugely beneficial to managing PCOD and its signs and symptoms. Exercise, in combination with Nutritionally balanced diet can prove to be an effective way of weight loss for women with PCOD. If you are looking for fast weight loss program in Delhi, TAF Wellness is a premier weight loss center in South Delhi.

Remember, focus on making small meaningful changes to your lifestyle and eventually the numbers on the scale will reflect the healthy choices you’re making!

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