Dreaming of becoming your best version!! Hence you decided to get rid of the excess fat in your body as the first step towards realizing the dream. Eating healthy and regular exercise are the key components for losing excess fat but, it’s difficult for someone with hypothyroidism to lose excess fat or maintain the ideal body composition because T3, the active thyroid hormone production is low. T3 is a powerful hormone that regulates the body’s metabolism which is one of the key elements in losing excess fat.

So, how to start the journey. The most important thing you can do when you are diagnosed with hypothyroid is to fix your treatment line with the endocrinologist and getting to know the right dosage of medication required to control the levels and reviewing it time to time. Losing fat with hypothyroidism hits many stumbling blocks but people who have their hypothyroidism well-controlled shouldn’t struggle to lose fat more than anyone else. However, making a strategy to combat the ill effects of hypothyroid on your body will improve well being and boost the Fat Loss Success.

Here are the seven strategies to jump-start fat loss with hypothyroidism:

  1. Consider going Gluten free for some time: Gluten is a protein found in wheat, oats, and barley its high in goitrogens, which interferes with iodine uptake and suppress thyroid function. In hypothyroidism, when you cut gluten from the diet the antibodies steadily decrease which will be helpful in controlling hypothyroidism. Try to incorporate millets like Ragi, Jowar Bajra rather than going three meals with wheat and oats.
  2. Cut out simple carbs and sugars: Go for a low-carbohydrate diet that focuses on complex carbohydrates (think starchy vegetables and legumes) and avoiding simple sugars (pass on the sweets and colas). According to Harvard Medical School, eating complex carbohydrates and avoiding simple carbs can help reduce the production of cytokines, which are tiny proteins that can influence inflammation in the body. But eating enough calories is important because “low calories can cause a stress response and result in decreased T3 production.
  3. Eat more anti-inflammatory foods: Anti-inflammatory foods can help ease joint aches and pains all of which can result from hypothyroidism. An anti-inflammatory food can help soothe the immune system, which is often an “overdrive” in people with hypothyroidism. Leafy green vegetables(kale, cabbage, spinach), Turmeric, Ginger, Garlic, Tomatoes, Fatty Fish, Nuts(almonds, walnut), Fruit(berries, orange), & Olive Oil are helpful to battle inflammation & water retention.
  4. Stick to small frequent meals: Hypothyroidism slows digestive function and metabolism. “Eating smaller, more frequent meals with balanced macro-nutrients— quality proteins like whey, chicken breast tofu(avoid soya beans) & eggs complex carbs like brown rice, barley, legumes, sprouts quinoa & healthy fats like nuts & seeds— supports balanced blood sugar and helps avoid the highs and lows of over-sized, highly processed meals. Coconut is one such food which is medium chain triglyceride and helps in the situation.
  5. Keep a food log: Your daily calorie intake can quickly skyrocket unless you log everything you eat. A diet high in healthy fats, moderate proteins, and moderate to low carbohydrates is best for thyroid function. Watch out for calcium intake by having green leafy vegetables and low-fat dairy food especially yogurt.
  6. Keep your body moving: Exercise is an important complement to a healthy diet to help burn calories & keeping the metabolism alive which slows down due to under activity of the thyroid. But if you are terribly fatigued or grossly overweight exercise can further suppress hypothyroidism, in that case, wellness therapies which enhance the blood circulation a passive form of exercise will be very helpful. Adding fun activity like dancing or playing a sport is also beneficial in keeping the ill effects of hypothyroidism at bay.
  7. Counter your stress and fatigue: Stress further deactivates T3 hormone production. Take Rejuvenating massages and healing therapies to control stress. Keep a positive attitude and include yoga meditation pranayama in your routine. Certain yoga asana like dhanur asana help in activating the thyroid gland. practice such asanas under the guidance of experts and reap the benefits.

Hypothyroid cannot take away the determination of losing that excess fat and your dream of being your best version for sure… but requires some smart combat steps.

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