You have neglected your body for a while and the Fat in your body is making you feel miserable. You assume that strenuous workout and starvation is required to cut down the fat that you have accumulated.  You don’t have the willpower, you dread the seemingly high amount of effort involved in getting one size down. As a result, the desire to get one size down becomes a suffering.

Here comes help to alleviate your suffering…

First of all, you must know that successful Fat loss needs programming, not just willpower, TAF does that programming for you through Fun Workout, Good Food Good Nutrition, Stress alleviation, and Restoration of hormonal and metabolic imbalances. Seems like quite a lot – but it’s not; Visit TAF and discover how effective fat loss programming is done here in a very customized and effective way.

It’s time you bid farewell to your local fitness centers and morsel diets, where one size fits all…

TAF is one of its own kind FAT LOSS and BODY SHAPING Center in Delhi that truly believes in making you the best version of yourself through a combination of state-of-the-art technologies which work on your fat pockets and contour every part of your body so that you drop a few sizes down effortlessly. There is no catch here, you will not be sweating needlessly, you won’t be starving yourself and most of all, you won’t have to worry about not getting the desired results. We will not go bonkers to claim instantaneous results, But given some time our program does wonders for you.

Body Contouring

Team TAF comprises of doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists and trained therapists, we are committed to helping you reverse fat and achieve a good body & face contouring so that you emerge as your Best version.

If you are looking for FAT LOSS and body shaping center in Delhi, drop in at TAF at The Sheesham Courtyard to get a TAF assessment over a cup of coffee. We will be happy to Assess -Aim- Act and help you attain your goals. We are located at an easily accessible location near Saket Metro Station. You can also call us for more details or send an email query at