Weight loss is a tough a grind, but we all love instant results. People who are searching for natural ways to lose weight opt for massage programs for weight loss. Massages are a great way to unwind and de stress, but can massages help you lose those extra kilos and inches?

Let us dive deeper in how massage works as a weight loss fix-

Being fit is all about leading a balanced lifestyle and massages are an essential part of any balanced lifestyle. Regular massages are just as important a component as regular workouts and correct nutrition in any holistic fitness and weight loss program. This is great news for those who thought exercising and losing weight is just hard work.

Improving the lymphatic drainage- TAF Wellness is one of its own kind Wellness center for weight loss where lymphatic drainage massages are combined with US FDA approved safe and effective world class machines, which improve the blood circulation and stimulates the movement of lymphatic fluids within the treated area. This holistic approach gives results which are safer, healthier and sustainable than any other program.

Helps in muscle gain- Research suggests coupled with physical activity, massages can have a positive effect on the muscle-building capabilities increasing the lean weight, which increases the capacity to control or lose weight.

Countering stress for weight loss- TAF weight loss programs ensures to keep your stress levels at bay. Stress levels are countered with a combination of yogic breathing, chakra balancing meditation, and rejuvenating therapeutic massages. Subject to this program, your body starts releasing beneficial & healthy hormones which have dual benefits of breaking down of fat and controlling the stress.

Other benefits of Massages:

  • Detoxification- Massage can help in detoxification by activating the lymphatic system and facilitating waste removal of metabolic functions through lymphatic channels.
  • Boosts Metabolic Rate- Massages help in enhancing the blood circulations ensuring the supply of nutrients and oxygen to all body parts that helps to increase the metabolic rate in the long run.
  • Muscle toning- Massages tone the muscles reduce muscle fatigue and tension that arises due to workout.
  • Stress Relieving- A deep tissue massage releases happy hormones thereby releasing the stress and anxiety which improves overall sense of physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Improved sleep- Massages promote relaxation and put the body and mind into a tranquil mode.
  • Anti aging effect- Massages can reduce oxidative stress therefore reducing the free radical damage.


TAF Wellness believes that massages cannot be a substitute for a balanced diet or regular exercise but adding therapeutic massages to this regime definitely helps in weight loss and enhances your wellness quotient. Keeping the digestive system, circulation, and metabolism in good working order, a massage can create the perfect backdrop for you to lose weight.

Want massage to help facilitate weight loss or relieve stress? Book an appointment with TAF Wellness, a premier weight loss clinic in Delhi for effective fat loss and cellulite treatment. TAF Wellness holistically uses massages with weight loss treatments. For further queries, call +91 9821785982!