Navratri is a nine-day extravaganza where special attention is given to fasting and feasting. People around the country and especially from Northern and Western India are gearing up for this 9 days celebration. In the north-eastern and eastern regions of India, the Navratri celebration is referred to as Durga Puja, while in North India, it is celebrated as the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. People observe fasting during these nine auspicious days where the motive is Religious but it can be used in a great way to shape up your body and lose some weight.

Renowned nutritionist Manisha Arora of TAF Wellness explains the scientific facts of the fasting of Navratri. She says it is a change of season and food. The digestion process is comparatively slow and the body’s immunity is low. It is therefore advised that if you’re not fasting during Navratri, you should go low on food. Consuming high-energy foods such as meat, eggs, and alcohol can make you prone to diseases. Fasting can help you cleanse and detoxify the body. Some other important benefits of purification are gastro-intestinal tract, cleansing of the organs and aiding in metabolism. During fasting, the digestive system goes in the rest phase which makes it function better. It will also help you shed off the extra kilos. Manisha Arora, head of TAF Wellness, a leading slimming center in Delhi lists down a few healthy ways and food options to lose weight this Navratri!

  • Instead of focusing on potatoes make green vegetables part of the dietary schedule during fasting. These provide you with the required energy along with essentially required vitamins. cucumber, bottle gourd, and tomatoes Radish are some of the options during fasting.
  • low-fat milk and curd smoothies made with fruits and chia seeds are ideal meal options.
  • Beverages such as vegetable juice, soups, herbal teas, and coconut water can energize you. Besides elevating the energy level, these fluids also help in maintaining the optimum fluid level of the body and will also wash off the toxins from the body.
  • Avoid sugar and sweeten your dessert with cranberries raisins and apricots.
  • For snacking eat makhana or nuts rather than fried vrat ka namkeen even if these claim to be roasted, these are processed and salt content is high.
  • It’s the time to give a break to the body from Wheat and Rice and eat gluten-free and nutrient-dense foods like Amaranth and sawak and buckwheat (kuttu).
  • This way one can revive the overused enzymes in the gut.
  • Fasting can be an ideal time to lower cholesterol by swapping our meals with fruits great source of Fiber help to bring down cholesterol. Several slimming centers in Delhi and around recommend eating lots of fruits such as apple, papaya, orange, pear, and guava.
  • In order to remove toxins from the body, drink a glass of lemon juice with lukewarm water in the morning which is allowed in Vrat ka khana.

Hence, fasting is an opportunity to lose weight besides worshipping the goddess and receiving blessings. Some other additional benefits of fasting are body detoxification, purification of the gastrointestinal tract, cleansing of body organs, and balancing metabolic constituents. Remember, only a few dietary considerations during the festival can help you lose toxins and fat layer

Eat clean this Navratri and get cleaner body mind and soul

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