When it comes to losing weight, a few tiny tweaks can help you. Your meals should make you feel comfortably full and nourished. Though entire diet makeovers can be overwhelming, small changes can make healthy eating more sustainable, says Manisha Arora, a leading nutritionist and head of TAF Wellness, weight loss center in Delhi. Here are a few suggested meal swaps that you can reach out throughout your day. They will not only help you drop pounds but also taste delicious.

Lemon Ginger Tea Instead of Milky Tea –

Both lemon and ginger are alkaline and have an invigorating effect on our senses
The regular milk tea is acidic in nature and releases tannins which don’t let the iron get absorbed in the body.

Ragi Dosa Instead of Mysore Masala Dosa –

Ragi is full of fiber, calcium, and iron. Its a millet which helps in weight loss makes you feel satiety
The texture is nice and crispy. Whereas Mysore Masala is made with sooji or rice both are low in fiber more calorie-dense rather than nutrient-dense.

Swap Coconut Water for Carbonated Drinks –

coconut water is rich in potassium has a naturally sweet taste keeps you hydrated and works as an electrolyte balancing formula.
Sodas dehydrate your body and provide zero nutritive value.

Roasted Makhana Instead of Popcorns-

Makhana does not need butter in roasting has a natural delicious taste. Popcorns are usually popped in butter and high on sodium which results in water retention.

Hung Curd Dip Instead of Mayonnaise Whisked –

Hung curd with herbs is delightfully flavourful it’s a natural food with probiotic properties that helps in keeping a healthy gut. A better choice over high calorie processed mayonnaise.

Looking for healthy meals? Our TAF Nutritionist will recommend a “Good Food Good Nutrition” plan to make you your best version. Get in touch with us at 9821785982 and take your step to a healthier you.