Winter does little favors for the way we look nicely clad in bright color attires. But exposure to the harsh elements such as biting winds and dry central heating creates a broad range of problems for the body from dry chapped lips to overall dryness in the body. But the problem which is gravest of all is an accumulation of Fat in our body during Winters. Research shows that most of us could gain up to 1 kg in a typical winter month. That may not sound like much but, over a decade, it can add up. While our clothes can hide the flab during winters but the onset of summer makes us feel miserable about it. However, preventative measures can be taken to address the problem.

First, let us look at the Main reason for weight gain in winters:

The two main reasons we put on weight in winter are:

1)Not enough physical activity
2)Eating more calories due to increased demand for comfort food by the body.

Now Let us look at solutions for both the issues:

Exercise blues

Cold weather and shorter days can make it harder to find the motivation to exercise outdoors.
This means you’re missing out on your recommended 150 minutes a week of physical activity.
If you are also consuming the same amount of calories, or perhaps even more with heavier, warming winter food, this can lead to weight gain.

Get active in winter

When the temperature drops, it’s easy to give up on being active outdoors. In winter, we might do fewer calorie-burning outdoor activities, such as cycling, short walks, and gardening.
Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to abandon physical activity completely. Instead, try to fit in what you can, and think about indoor activities, too.
For example:
• Even a short, brisk walk can make you feel warmer. It will also help boost your circulation.
• Put on some warm clothes and jog around the neighborhood. Most leisure centers have heated swimming pools, and indoor tennis and badminton courts.
• If you’d rather stay at home, then buy or download some dance or workout DVDs.
• Walk up the stairs at work rather than using the lift.
• Try indoor classes, such as yoga, pilates, aerobics, and spinning.

Food Blues

Here is step by step guide for dealing with food blues.

Stock your kitchen cupboards
Make it easier to prepare a healthy meal by keeping your cupboard stocked with healthy staples. Healthy store-cupboard staples include:

  • Green vegetables like sarsonbathuapalak
  • Cinnamon & Honey and jaggery
  • beans and pulses
  • Fruits like carrots and oranges and gooseberries guavas pomegranates
  • Millet flour like Bajra jowar and makai

Nuts and seeds

Eating a wide variety of foods ensures you get a range of nutrients, including essential vitamins and minerals.
Look out for seasonal vegetables – such as spinach, carrots, turnips, etc
Drinking carrot spinach and amla juice in breakfast alond with some nuts can make you glowing and keeps the hunger at bay.
Try these healthier alternatives:

  • Opt for a healthier version of gajar halwa instead –Boil carrot and milk together for a long duration in double toned milk, use stevia for sweetness.
  • Opt for boiled eggs, roasted chicken/paneer or plain unsalted popcorn with drinks – they’re a good alternative to crisps and salted nuts.
  • Choose Jaggery instead of table sugar – both are a good source of carbohydrate, calories are there in jaggery too. but jaggery contains high amount of iron and other nutrients so you can use in limited quantity to have the benefit of the nutrients.
  • Choose double toned/toned milk instead of full cream – the fat reserves will stay in control.
  • Opt for winter millets, pearl (bajra) and yellow corn (Makki) flour– due to their high fiber and mineral content, they keep the blood flow good in the winters and packed with fiber. Instead of having a ghee laden parantha you can opt for a bajra roti with curd.
  • Opt for cinnamon tea and herbal teas for the repeated warm fluid cravings. It will keep the insulin in the active mode thereby preventing the fat accumulation.

The swaps could be many, like adding pureed/ chopped greens to all your chapattis and chillas to making a fruit cream with yogurt and nuts for making you feel full in the winter chill.
Please Feel free to get in touch with our Nutritionists for all the inputs.

TAF CHEF makes green wraps and lentil pancakes with nutrient-dense smoothies and cinnamon teas for an indulgence meal. Call for a meal or have it here in the warm ambiance at the center.
Embrace the suggested changes and you will not feel sad when you open your summer closet this time. Please, Note-Grandma’s remedy for cracked lips and dryness -put two drops of mustard oil in the Naval at bedtime it works !! like lubrication to the whole body!! Try it out!!