In our lifespan, we all go through rough times where we have to deal with uncanny situations. Anxiety and stress during these periods alter our body chemistry leading to hormonal imbalances often manifesting in Weight gain.

How to give that much-needed relaxation to the mind and body and Reverse the effect of stress??

With the word relaxation, a spa therapy comes to the mind, but one odd spa therapy gives you relaxation which is short-lived unless we work on the imbalances.

At TAF Spa for weight loss in Delhi, we have created spa therapies which are customized to counter the ill effects of stress. After assessing your stress levels on the perceived score we suggest a combination of Rejuvenating and Reverse FAT Spa therapies. Our aim is to restore the equilibrium of your mind and body to a state known as “Homeostasis”. It is a state where you start getting more nutrients and oxygen through blood circulation. Your muscles gain extra energy from the process which boosts your metabolism.

Also during these therapies your body releases hormones like endorphins and serotonin which are effective in countering cortisol, the hormone that creates the havoc on your system.

Our Spa therapies have worked wonders for those suffering from obesity, stress, and hormonal imbalances.

All our therapies come with dual benefits of rejuvenation and promoting Fat Loss in the body.

It is never too late, Reverse the ill effect of stress on your body with TAF Wellness.

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