For any successful change to happen in our life we need to make a program and execute it well with determination.
Similarly, fat loss needs programming customized to individual requirement of age, gender, metabolic rate, lifestyle,  medical status & will power to execute it. Wrong programming does not yield any result and disappointment follows. Fat loss programming requires multiple steps at different stages. But the first step towards this programming is creating a negative calorie balance in the body.

What is a negative calorie balance, eating too little or sweat out to burn in the gym??

The solution lies in the balancing act,let us learn that act…
Our metabolic rate indicates the calories which are just sufficient to carry out regular functions of our body, if we go drastically down in starvation mode we may feel weak, irritable and lose muscle weight. We should get our metabolic rate checked through a reliable body composition analysis method and ascertain a daily calorie budget. Starting with a 10% cut each day and maintaining it for the first one week of starting a diet plan and gradually increasing up to 20%. At TAF, we make you learn the art of creating this negative calorie balance through the TAF App. In the app,  you have access to good food good nutrition info & a food log where you can login your food consumption. TAF App will do the maths of total calories consumption for you daily & it will help you stay on top of your calorie budget.

The next step is to include the cardio vascular physical activity which makes you burn between 100/150 calories on regular basis. Brisk walk, yoga, fitness dance you can choose any of the physical activities.

Let me give you a trick which aids you in the process of achieving your goal, include more fiber in the diet and lots of negative calorie foods. Our body will need more calories to digest these foods than the calories they have, it will automatically create a negative calorie balance.

Negative Calorie

At least, something is effortless in the whole process!! Also it busts the myth that starvation gives Fat loss. All high fiber fruits and leafy vegetables are negative calorie & consuming these foods boosts metabolism helping in fat loss.

So, snack on negative calorie foods like apples, guavas, watermelon, papaya, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, zucchini & cauliflower in your daily diet. These negative calorie foods help fat burning vs. fat storage & control the appetite. These foods cleanse your liver so it can burn your fat more efficiently.

Next time when you eat an apple be guilt free & feel the negative calorie effect!!