Do you find running on the treadmill boring but you do it somehow because you want to lose weight!
Does your trainer pushes you too hard to reach that 100th push up and still nothing is happening??

Researches have proved that Workout is more of a mind game, If you feel stressed about following a workout routine , there is hardly any chance that it will have a positive effect on your body, Rather it may have a negative impact.
Workout has a definite role to play while you are trying to lose fat i.e to burn calories and keeping the metabolism alive. But why restrict burning of calories through boring treadmills !Why not add some fun to calorie burning!

A fun filled fitness dance can replace your boring gym routine and give you much needed calorie burn. A fitness dance is a functional workout in which your target heart rate goes to the fat burning zone and remains there resulting in fat loss. Also Fun workout balances your body chemistry by releasing happy hormones which negate the effect of stress hormones preventing further fat accumulation. A fun workout scientifically paves the way for reversal of fat in your body.

We at TAF offer most vibrant Fun workout like Zumba, dance workout and Pilates under the guidance and supervision of certified trainers. TAF also offers yoga pranayama and wellness meditation which lets you achieve perfect mind and body synergy. Our Active Fitness programs are goal oriented and designed specifically to your fitness needs.
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