The most common question that pops in our head after a fat loss treatment is ‘What can I eat’? The answer is to eat plenty of fresh foods and high protein meals to stop the bad-food cravings and avoid binge eating. Furthermore, you certainly should avoid extreme diet products that can harm the body. The treatments to remove the stubborn pockets of fat offers long-lasting results along with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Nutritionist Manisha Arora, head at a leading weight loss treatment center lists down a few simple foods that are perfect for you to fuel yourself up after a fat loss treatment. She says it is important to have a balance of all minerals, protein, and vitamins to stay healthy.

You can have a lot of things such as oats with fruits and nuts, cottage cheese, fruits, vegetables, etc. You must increase the intake of high protein foods and avoid high-calories and fried foods. Also, for those cravings between the meals or at the midnight you can snack on a healthy homemade trail mix of nuts, seeds, roasted chickpeas, and dried fruits.

Can you regain the fat after weight loss treatment?

We know that a healthy diet, exercise, and overall good lifestyle can optimize your fat loss treatment results. Though the fat in treated areas is permanently destroyed after the treatment, any excessive consumption of unhealthy foods can make you gain weight. You do not have to follow a rigid diet and exercise program for maintaining that fat loss but follow a healthy routine.

How long does it take to see the results after fat loss treatments?

There are multiple fat loss treatments, each with their own specification made for all types of individuals. The results depend on the treatment you opt for and are seen as early as 3 to 4 weeks after the treatment. A lot of patients choose CoolSculpting to remove pockets of fat in multiple areas to reach their body image goals. If you want to know more, check out various fat loss treatments at TAF Wellness based on your preferences and needs.

Watch out for those calories!

As mentioned above, you know that those extra pounds can come back after the treatment, so you must be smart about your eating choices. Avoid excessive consumption of sweetened foods and drinks, fried foods, coffees, alcoholic beverages. You do not have to quit them for life but just consume them in moderation during your parties, holidays, and celebrations.

How to maintain a body shape?

After the fat loss treatment, you can continue to enjoy a toned shape with just small and healthy changes. You can, in fact, return to exercise right after the treatment. Many of our clients feel much more motivated to stay in shape because of the way they look. You can also consider joining a regular group at the gym, join a yoga class, or hire a fitness trainer to keep you on the correct path.

Get your healthy meals from TAF CHEF

healthy meals from TAF CHEF

TAF Wellness, a premier weight loss treatment center in Delhi understands that fat loss treatment is not a replacement for diet and exercise. Our team of specialists recommends suitable procedures for individuals looking for fat loss and tighter, firmer skin without undergoing surgery.

In addition to this, TAF Wellness also helps its clients in their journey to make healthy food choices. Along with the fat loss treatment program, we also offer our customers an option to get customized ready to eat meals with the right portion size and calorie count in your food.

So, if you are looking for an effective weight loss treatment, we can help you lose that fat with our fat loss programs and vegetarian, non-vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan diet. We use healthy comfort foods made with wholesome ingredients and natural sweeteners. What you eat has a direct influence on how you look so just remember to be comfortable and happy in your skin.

Book a consultation with our weight loss experts at TAF Wellness and get the best version of yourself!