Alma Accent Prime

We live in a society which is driven by good looks, perfect body and style statements. There is ubiquitous quest across all age groups to lose weight, get rid of bulges and have a perfectly contoured body. It is difficult to feel good about yourself when you’re not happy with the way you look. Body image dissatisfaction is often reported by those who are overweight but is also seen in those with normal body weight. For both groups of individuals, the discontent with those stubborn pockets of fat impacts the self-esteem and quality of life. This dissatisfaction is also believed to play a role in the decision to seek a wide range of skin tightening and weight loss procedures offered by the aesthetic physician.

Along with diet and exercise, some technology-based non-invasive treatments work the best to lose those unwanted fat pockets reducing the circumference giving you perfect shape and contour. These treatments help to eliminate excess fat in particular areas and tighten the skin giving that desired shape. All these newly designed methods have become available, each employing a different mechanism of action to reduce the appearance of fat cells.

Which areas of the body can be treated with these treatments?

Indications like Double chin, cellulite on thighs post-pregnancy loose stomach bulging love handles and flabby arms can be treated very well with these treatments. TAF uses USFDA approved Alma’s Accent PrimeTM top-of-the-line device which combines the latest innovations in Ultrasound and Radio Frequency (RF) technologies to deliver safe effective & highly customized treatments with natural, long-lasting results. It involves the application of energy or heat to destroy fat cells for manual removal or absorption by the body. However, a consultation is required with our expert to choose the most comprehensive treatment plan.

When are such treatments appropriate?

The treatment is recommended for men and women who have pockets of stubborn fat where workout and diet isn’t helping. The contouring treatment removes excess fat from the problem areas with minimal recovery time and natural-looking results. Remember, your age, genetics, level of sun exposure, how evenly the weight was distributed, and more importantly how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror also play a major role in deciding the appropriate treatment.

Do I need to diet along with these treatments?

Eating Right and healthy is required No starvation Diets are recommended with these treatments.

Is this treatment painful?

you may feel heating sensation during the treatment which is bearable. However there is no downtime you can resume your normal activity after the treatment.

Are their any side effects of these treatments?

Not at All these are safe effective and US FDA approved treatments.

Is the treatment session very long? On average how many sessions are required?

The technological innovations are enabled to perform body contouring treatments at unprecedented speed. On average a session last for about 40-60 minutes. Consult your expert to know the average number of sessions required.
One may require 2-4 sessions to accomplish the desired shape.

How much you can lose in one session and does it come back?

one can lose up to 3cms in one treatment and if you maintain a healthy lifestyle it is quite long lasting.

Why TAF Wellness?

Regarded as one of the premier clinics for non-surgical weight loss in Delhi, TAF Wellness provides US FDA approved body contouring treatment to make you look the best version of yourself. It follows a holistic approach to weight loss. Grounded in the belief that everyone is beautiful, we focus on fat loss through a well-researched, scientifically designed and integrated programs to create your best version. With our unique combination of breakthrough technologies, we are persistently improving to ensure that we offer the best and most advanced body contouring procedures with outstanding service to the existing and future clients. Our body contouring treatment greatly reduces the complications associated with surgical treatments. The clinic combines ‘Good Food Good Nutrition’ mantra with the state-of-art Alma’s Accent PrimeTM and Cool Shape device to deliver safe, effective and long-lasting results.