Natural weight loss

In today’s busy world, we are finding that we have less and less time to focus on getting to and maintaining our ideal body weight. But what we don’t realize is that the secret to this is making small and manageable changes throughout different areas of their lives. The first thing that shatters even the highest levels of motivation is monotony and clearly, and we have to fight our way through it. Nutritionist Manisha Arora at TAF Wellness understands this and thinks about your weight loss as a lifestyle change rather than a one-time goal. She says that there is no “one size fits all” solution to permanent healthy weight loss. What works for one person may not work for you, since our bodies respond differently to different foods, depending on genetics and other health factors.

What causes weight gain?

It may so happen that you may unintentionally gain weight without increasing the intake of food or decreasing physically activities. This may either be periodic, rapid, or continuous. Periodic weight gain is characterized by fluctuations in your weight every now and then or periodically. Rapid and unintentional weight gain is often a side effect of a few medications, and in most cases, this is harmless. Continuous weight gain is gaining weight over time due to varying actors like advancing age or overeating. However, pregnancy, hormonal changes, menstruation, medications, fluid retention are some additional factors which are seen as contributing factors for weight gain.

Can you lose weight by eating less?

Many people try to lose weight by reducing the amount of food you eat but do you end up feeling hungry and not satisfied? Or have you avoided trying to lose weight because you are afraid of feeling hungry? If the answer is yes, you are not alone in this. Many people ignore losing weight because they think that they will feel deprived and hungry when they eat less. But worry not, there is another way. You should strive for a steady and slow natural weight loss by reducing the calorie intake while maintaining a sufficient nutrient intake and increasing physical activity. You can cut calories without eating less nutritious food. The key is to eat foods that will fill you up without eating a large number of calories

Practice mindful eating

  • Avoid distractions while eating. Try not to eat while working, watching TV, or driving. It’s too easy to mindlessly overeat. Keeping a check on this will help you consume fewer calories and thus lose weight.
  • Pay attention. Eat slowly, savouring the smells and textures of your food. If your mind Mix things up to focus on the experience of eating. Try using chopsticks rather than a fork, or use your utensils with your non-dominant hand.
  • Stop eating before you are full. It takes time for the signal to reach your brain that you’ve had enough. Don’t feel obligated to always clean your plate.
  • Eat slowly. Experts say that it takes approximately 20 minutes for the brain to receive the signal that your stomach is full. Eating slowly can provide sufficient time for your brain to process the signal that you have eaten enough.

Keeping the weight away

Mrs Manisha Arora, head at TAF Wellness, a premier weight loss clinic in Delhi recommends you to adopt these habits to keep the weight off, no matter whatever diet you use to lose weight in the first place

  • Maintain a food log: Recording what you eat every day helps to keep you motivated. When you track and journal what you are eating you become more accountable for what you’re eating. You’ll be less likely to eat that doughnut if you have to write it in your journal and see the calories in black and white.
  • Eat breakfast every day. Most commonly in the study, it’s cereal and fruit. Eating breakfast boosts metabolism and staves off hunger later in the day.
  • Regularly weight yourself. Checking your weight regularly can help you detect any small gains in weight, enabling you to promptly take corrective action before the problem escalates.
  • Watch less television and sitting back at home. Cutting back on the time spent sitting in front of a screen can be a key part of adopting a more active lifestyle and preventing weight gain.
  • Eat more fiber, vitamins, minerals, and include less unhealthy fat in your diet. Make sure you eat all types of nourishing foods.
  • Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time. You can create your own small portion snacks in plastic bags or containers. Eating on a schedule will help you avoid eating when you aren’t truly hungry.
  • Drink more water. Thirst can often be confused with hunger, so by drinking water, you can avoid extra calories. Try to avoid binge eating the moment you feel hungry and try to satisfy your cravings with plenty of water.
  • Limit the amount of tempting foods you have at home. If you share a kitchen with nondieters, store indulgent foods out of sight.

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