TAF Rejuvenate

Getting you freedom from stress and bringing your mind to a tranquil state is the goal of TAF rejuvenate program.

Busy lifestyle, crazy deadlines&work pressures all manifest into stress.When under prolonged period of constant stress, your body gets into hormonal imbalance due to stress on the endocrine system, releasing high levels of cortisol to deal with the situation. Release of sustained levels of cortisol can cause high B.P, diabetes, insomnia, obesity and weakened immune system.

Under TAF Rejuvenate based on your stress level ascertained by your perceived stress score we counter it with the combination of yogic breathing, chakra balancing, meditation and ayurvedic stress control therapies. We also put you on the appropriate nutrition program for stress control.

Subject to this program, your body starts releasing beneficial & healthy hormones such as endorphin’s and serotonins that negate the effects of cortisol, which have dual benefits of breaking down of fat and controlling the stress.

The program empowers you to –

  • Avoid or limit overexertion and emotional stress.
  • Pace yourself against stress.
  • Take time each day to relax and learn how to say ‘no’ without guilt.
  • Get sound restful sleep.

The Program induces mental relaxation and returns the body to a state of equilibrium known as ‘Homeostasis’, which improves blood circulation resulting in more oxygen and nutrients absorption by every muscle and hence Rejuvenates you completely.

Signature Therapies at TAF

Reverse Fat Therapy

Reverse Fat Therapy is a massage with application of a combination of Ayurvedic powder and oil on the entire body, the therapy is unique in terms of synchronized technique performed by two therapists giving exfoliation, fat destabilization and detoxification happening simultaneously.

This Ayurvedic paste (powder and oils) when rubbed on the body in a specific manner creates friction, which open the pores, remove blockages in vessels, increases the heat in the tissues and percolates inside to stimulate fat metabolism. Reverse Fat Therapy is the process of purifying and eliminating toxins from various lymphatic channels and lobes bringing back balance in the body.

Revive Aroma therapy

Revive aroma therapy is a deep tissue massage which gently initiates the cell renewal process.

It comes with the goodness of Mandarin and Ginger essential oils. The inhaled aroma from these “essential” oils stimulates brain function and relieve the body from oxidative stress. By getting absorbed through the skin and getting in to the blood stream these oils help in reducing the free radical damage.

The therapy promotes instant well-being; A tranquil state of mind and sense of revival like a new being.

Rejuvenate Therapy

Rejuvenate Therapy is application of ayurvedic oil on the body with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart. It is extremely beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, reducing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing stress. A completely rejuvenating experience for Ayurveda lovers.