TAF Fun Workout

Being in great shape gives great confidence in whatever walks of life. A contoured body and face defines being in great shape. Trained and qualified team of TAF is committed to help you achieve THE BEST VERSION OF YOU. To help you achieve this version, TAF uses state-of-the-art advanced technologies that are safe, non -invasive globally used and FDA (US) approved.

At TAF there are no boring & typical gym routines which discourage you from being regular. We have designed workouts that are completely fun activity.

Based on your body composition analysis, we put you to an appropriate plan viz TAF active or TAF renew in accordance to your current fitness levels.

TAF Active-

These functional workouts aim at bringing your heart rate in fat burning zone to achieve the FAT REVERSING action. They are a group activity and a complete fun experience like Fitness Dance, Pilates and Fat Loss Aerobics etc. The ancient yoga practices are also part of the regime bringing the benefits of hormonal and dosha correction. All the fun workout classes at TAF are conducted by certified trainers.

TAF Renew-

We custom design a passive work out through our FDA( US) approved. Wellness therapy renew which is based on the principle of external counter pulsation which enables the heart to pump in more blood than its usual capacity, ensuring enhanced blood flow to all the organs in the body. With enhanced circulation you get an improved metabolism and better heart health. It eventually helps you attain the required level of fitness to be on the functional workout regime.

All workouts are designed to keep your motivation level up at all times.