TAF follows holistic approach to REVERSE YOUR FAT in combination with world’s best technologies to create the Best Version of You, where as most centers follow linear approach to FAT LOSS.


  • Body composition analysis

  • Best version areas to be focussed

  • Medical history

  • Current lifestyle and dietary recall

  • Stress levels

  • Svastha dosha


  • Individual goal of fat reversal and contouring

  • Required workout, calorie micro-nutrient and macro-nutrient requirements

  • Find out various hindrances to fat reversal like hormonal imbalances deficiencies and metabolic disorders

  • Dosha (disorders) creating imbalance in the Svastha (health)

  • Steps required to attain equillibrium


  • TAF Application –action on your smart phone

  • Get started with the Fun Workouts

  • Stop dieting start following Good Food Good Nutrition

  • Adopt Correction Plan for Clinical and Svastha Dosha

  • Countering Stress with specially customized therapies yoga and meditation regimes to attain the state of equilibrium

  • Ridding of fat pockets and sagging skin using US FDA approved technologies


  • Fat reversal

  • Improved clinical parameters like blood sugar, lipids, etc.

  • Beaten bulges and depleted fat pockets

  • Toned & contoured body and face

  • Best version you


  • TAF Fit for life plan

  • TAF Fitness regime

  • TAF Chef service

  • TAF is beginning and not the end to being the best of you

TAF Holistic Fatloss V/S Linear Weight Loss